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About Us

At Elevated Training, we inspire learning through cohesive team building, social emotional development, personality and behavioural profiling and the use of cutting-edge new-paradigm training solutions to effect personal, professional and organisational transformation.

We believe in:

 •  advocating continuous improvement and life-long learning
 •  working with and alongside people, not against them
 •  developing client self-sufficiency

Elevated Training’s facilitators adopt a practical interactive delivery style enabling participants to take an active part in their ‘learning’ experience. To make the courses fun and engaging, our facilitators make use of role plays, games, multimedia and group exercises. We also try where possible to use real examples from participants’ own work or learning environments to ensure they can relate to the information provided.

Some of the courses we offer are:

 •  Leadership and Management Development Training
 •  Customer Service Skills
 •  Coaching and Mentoring Skills
 •  Managing Conflict
 •  Presentation Skills/Public Speaking Skills
 •  Communicating With Impact
 •  Creative Writing
 •  Social Etiquette and Grooming
 •  Managing Stress
 •  Negotiation Skills
 •  Problem Solving and Decision Making


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